$85 dresser

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  1. I absolutely love.love.love your blog. Please please please tell me where you got the fantastic ivory bird lamps. I want want want them! ;)

    Many thanks (at the very least, three).

  2. I spent more time than is rational, reasonable, or mentally healthy on your blog today. :-)
    It was my first time to discover it, so it was like the infatuation of a new love interest.
    At first I confess I had some hard feelings over how beautiful your house is, then I realized that you do things on a budget and you paint furniture and call things accessory abuse and window mistreatment and you’ve been known to pile too many favorite things on a surface and you’ve had to simplify, and then the love really set in. :)

    Like Cheryl in the comment above, I am dying to know where you found those white bird lamps because the make my heart flutter!

    Your grayish bluish painted furniture and accents, and the white-painted dresser and coffee table steal-deals are just so pretty!

  3. We are updating our house, but doing so on a budget. I love this dresser andvthink it would look great in our entryway. I have trouble finding cheaper furniture to redo. Any tips?

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