anyone who is tall want to come to my house and hang that top frame better?

I’ve told you more than enough about my beloved silhouettes, right?  Well, I switched out their frames and realized that I had 4 frames and only three boys.  The agony was unbearable trying to figure out what to do with that empty frame.  I knew my husband wouldn’t go for me getting a silhouette of him and I certainly wasn’t going to have one of just me and the boys.  Do I make a silhouette of my hot glue gun?  Have another child? Get a dog?

We decided a dog silhouette would best represent us.  A lab to be exact.  We’ve had two labs in our family, the last one, I recently told you about how we had to get rid of him when we moved.  It was heart wrenching to have to give away my boy’s dog.  To make matters worse, two years ago, my son FOUND a dog, a lab of course.  And no one claimed him.  He stayed with us for a short while and was just about the best dog we’ve ever met.  But, we were renting and so we found a home for this dog with some close friends.

We just found out those close friends are moving and needed to find a home for this very dog.  They called us.  We called our landlord and he has a sweet spot for chocolate labs since he had one as well.  Within a week we had the dog.

You are now thinking I am insane for getting a white sofa and chocolate lab within 10 days of each other.  And you are also thinking that we must have the kindest landlords in the world.  You are right.    The timing is horrible for us to get this dog, we’ve had him for mere days and I’m having 30 women over for the Blessings Unlimited party tomorrow, complete with a mangy dog running around.  I had to clean my house and now there are cute paw prints in my freshly mopped floor. This dog has been one of the best interruptions we’ve ever had.

And now, my silhouette wall is complete. I just googled “Labrador silhouette” and found something I liked, printed it out, cut it out, and framed it up.  Let’s just hope I don’t find another frame hidden somewhere that I forgot about.