Board and Batten

I jumped on the board and batten bandwagon.  Only, unlike all those other girls, I sat back and watched while the men in the family did the work.  My hero, Kimba, got a wet saw for mother’s day. I mean, you would think her husband could at least dry the thing off for her. I got a finished office and all I had to do was paint.  Who’s laughing now?  You know how some people’s love language is like touch and talking and junk?  Mine is fixing up the house.

This is not a tutorial post. Karla, Kimba, AnNicole, and Sarah have already done the hard work for us of writing in detail about their projects.  I read each of their posts a few times before we decided what to do. But I will give you the short version of how we did it.

First, I picked a height where I wanted my b&b to end.  It can be high or low, just don’t cut the room in half because that might look funny.  it’s hard to tell in this photo but mine is about 2/3 up the room.  I painted the top 1/3 an olive color called Village Square.

Then I painted the bottom 2/3 a semigloss white color.  What a weird experience to paint a wall all shiny.  I felt like I was turning my office into a hospital, or a mac store, or one of those eyeglass commercials where everyone is wearing white because it’s the future and clearly, in the future we will only wear white.

Then I had to wait 2 weeks to do anything else because I was having a slipcover party and my man was out of town.  So of course, because of my great sickness, I had to somewhat accessorize the board and battenless office so it wouldn’t feel naked.

Then finally, last weekend, we spent 2 hours at Home Depot.  We went with all our measurements and our goal was to not have to cut anything ourselves at home.  So, we bought three 12 foot, 6 inch wide preprimed MDF boards and measured them in the store and had them cut to the right size.

And, if were were more lazy than cheap, we could have bought 2 inch wide MDF boards for the vertical strips and just had them cut to the right length.  Turns out that we are both cheap and lazy.  So, we grabbed one 4×8? sheet of non primed MDF and had the Home Depot man cut it into strips for us while we high fived each other.  We saved about $80 by slicing up one sheet of MDF instead of buying already cut 2 inch strips.

I paid my son and his friend $5 to paint the strips because again, cheap and lazy I am.

Then my man put everything into place while I took a Mother’s Day nap and read a book.  Meanwhile, Kimba was probably toiling away with her new wet saw.

By the way, where the boards meet the baseboard, we just left it as is, no tapering, no special treatment.  Sorry no photo, but you can imagine.

This was a super easy project {says the girl who didn’t do the work}.  However, I did do all the painting and measurements.  We spent about $150 and that includes a new toy for my husband–the nail gun.  My husband got all the wood on the walls in about an hour or so and then he caulked and we both painted a final coat.  I think we’ll add a shelf on the top in the future but for now, I’m thrilled.

When I was getting ready to do our board and batten, I scoured the internet looking for photos for inspiration.  Do you have a board and batten room you’ve written about?  Link up, I’d love to see it.



  1. It looks AMAZING! I’ve been looking around at all the board & batten rooms for a year, wondering when I’m going to get my bottom in gear and do it in my house. Way to go!

  2. awesome and amazing!!! do you do consults??? i so need to lighten and brighten my house. yours is so homey and inviting! can i come over? just kidding, im in louisiana! have a great day!!

  3. Looks great girl!

  4. it looks great. and i especially love the children with fudgesicles supervising the painters!

  5. The room looks GREAT! I love the colors. Your one boy is cracking me up, he looks like the supervisor.

    You are beyond lucky with your landloard! Of course, he/she is going to benefit from all the work you’re doing.

    I’m waiting on the beadboard project!!


    • tina, I’m still waiting on the beadboard project too. That’s another one that I’m the boss and then I have a willing man who for some reason doesn’t mind cutting 859 outlet holes in beadboard for me. Maybe it will be done next week?

  6. So awesome!! I just love that look and all of your colors. By the way, I’ve noticed that you have mistreatments you need to show off!

  7. Your Cheap & Lazy approach works!! Love that you paid the boys to lend a hand…AND that you chilled while the husband did the install. Gotta love that!! It looks amazing! Janell

  8. I have to confess, I wasn’t into this sort of mistreatment when I first started reading about it, but now I’m totally sold. Great job by you and hubster, it’s the best when a cheap and lazy $150 bucks looks like a million bucks worth of custom. Thanks!

  9. I totally gasped when I saw the first picture. It’s beautiful!
    Cheap & lazy works for me anytime.
    Enjoy your new office.

  10. That looks fantastic! It’s on my to do list, which is a mile long. Your ginormous urn with twigs looks great in there. I had no idea that HD would do that much cutting for you, for free? What a great Mothers Day gift. Though Kimba’s wet saw sounds pretty fun too! But you got a nap and a great room!

  11. I’m so in love with it!!! Looks awesome! Am I the only one who didn’t know you could get wood cut at the store? Oh, my wow!

  12. Gorgeous! I love how this looks. What a great Mother’s Day gift!! :)

  13. Girl, you are the bomb. This room is evidence. Looks like a million bucks. Are you sitting right there in that beautiful room reading this comment? I would be if I were you. Sitting there, I mean. Reading the comment is optional, I suppose. But I’d be sitting there, just soaking in the beauty.

    Well done. Very well done. What value you’ve added to this house–how could your landlord not be thrilled??

    • YES I am in the chair reading your comment! ARe you invisible in this room with me? I so wish you were!

  14. Oooh, it looks really good, Nester! Good job (to you … and your minions. ;o) ) It’s very fitting in that room. And that is beautiful fabric at the windows. It looks like it has a sheen to it…very pretty.

  15. That looks so great! I love it. Thanks for the photos and the links to the other b&b experts. I am hoping to do my son’s room in the future, so this we be a huge help.

  16. Your room looks wonderful! We did our dining room in board and batten last summer and I haven’t done a thing with it since. But I’ve started finishing up other rooms (with lots of help from your blog!) so hopefully I can get to the dining room soon. Thanks for all the great ideas you share!

  17. Now that is too stinkin’ funny. When my husband hung our board and battan, trim stuff, whatever its called in our foyer…he told me that I had never looked at him with such love and desire ;)!

  18. it looks fantastic! i too have been saving inspiration photos of the board & batten. looking forward to moving & finding a house so i can try it for myself! [thinking of using vibrant color, just to give it a twist!]
    great office!

  19. Amazing! This may have to be a future project for us! :)

  20. Love it!! The paint color is beautiful, and I am so jealous of your board & batten right now…I’m still trying to decide where to add it to my home! :) Great project!

  21. I have wanted to try this in the kitchen area – I just think I might now. It turned out great. thanks!

  22. Kathy :) says

    FANTASTIC job….love it……we are planning on doing this in our office…I have a very handy hubby……just have to get him going :)

    Thanks for this post…… you guys should be very proud of yourselves

    Kathy :)

  23. I love board and batton and the olive color is beautiful! You guys did such a good job!
    ☺ Celeste

  24. I’ve don’t think I’ve done a post about it, but our dining room has board and batten in it. We did it ourselves when we were building our house, and it really is a SUPER easy project! I love the way yours turned out!

  25. Love the look! And I really love the money saving tips!!! Paying the boys and crew is an inspired idea. Not only do they do the work for you, they learn that hard work pays…and there is a good reward (popsicles) for job well done.
    What a teachable moment!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  26. Well Nester, you did it again. Now all of us out in bloggyland are jealous and trying to convince our men to do justonemorelittleproject. Clever girl! Can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve — I’m especially excited about that beadboard sneaking into that other post. : )

  27. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this little space!!!! I have an 8×10 little office in the house I just bought in November. I went gung ho with a theme that I am no longer loving, and I just love your set up in this space. This post is getting bookmarked – it’s a keeper! Thanks for the inspiration!

  28. This may be the best mother’s day gift ever!! They did goooood!! No board and batten here — I will just drool over those that do link up…

  29. LOVE it! I’ve been seeing the board and batten look all over the place and it looks so great. What a fabulous Mother’s Day present!

  30. colleen love says

    that is a fantastic mother’s day gift. I’m taking notes for next year. It really looks fabulous and I really do want to see how the boards (er, or is it battens) met up with the baseboards. Been thinking of this for our 2nd floor hallway but can’t figure how to meet up with the baseboards without too much cutting or tapering since we are cheap and lazy lovers as well.

  31. I haven’t B & B’d yet, but I think I will… now I just have to decide which room is worthy – we have a chair rail through the majority of our rooms, it’ll have to be a bedroom or bathroom. Love the idea of putting a shelf up, too!

  32. It’s amazing how all hubby’s look the same from the back! : ) The one picture of yours is how mine looked on Mother’s Day, too, except mine was outside hanging vinyl siding. Ipod and tool belt mandatory! Love your board and batten. I just want the office and I’d be happy.

  33. Jennifer says

    This looks soooo good. My husband’s office is north facing and dark and this would be a great option for him. Even w/builder white walls it’s dark and I think he would prefer a darker more manly paint color and this is a good way to do it without creating a cave right inside the front door! :)

    I, too, love the fudgecicle slurping supervisor.

    I’ve looked over your site to find the name of the blue on the dresser…can’t find IT, help! It’s the same as the blue on your armoir right? HELP! I think it’s a good choice for my dtr’s dresser.

    • Jennifer says

      more digging and found the color – SW Halcyon Green 6213 – for everyone else who may be wondering! But IS it the same color as the armoir? I love the tips from the armoir post about picking a robin’s egg blue color, that will be very helpful!

      It’s like you can anticipate our quesitons!

  34. It looks beautiful! I laughed at your comments about “touch and talking and junk.” My spiritual gift is shopping. ;)

    I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to pay to do painting…I don’t suppose a 4 year old would be ready to tackle my kitchen.

    You guys did great!

  35. LOVE it! It is exactly what I want to do for the nursery! Now if I can only convice my husband to go along with the higher height… :)

  36. Great work! It really finishes off the space. Love the little birs on the branch. A cute whimsical touch!

  37. Colleen P. says

    Nester, you truly do have a unique ability to look into a room and see exactly how it ought to have been finished in the first place. The board and batten is perfect for that room.

  38. Laurie-Jean says

    Your projects are always so inspiring (plan to do the B&B in my office) and charming! The bird in the tree is uber tres chic (German & French words together, does that really work). I just spotted your lamps, oh-so-perfect!!!!!

    In hindsight, I should have cruised HD or Lowes when searching for a mate…sigh. My Mr. Wonderful might not be “handy”, but he is a keeper.
    I just spotted your lamps oh-so-perfect!!!!!

    Bravo, your room is beautimous!

  39. It looks beautiful. I love the paint color too. They never charge us for addition cuts either. Maybe the sign’s there so you won’t ask for more cuts. I once had them cut a sheet into 12″ squares and they still didn’t charge me. The whole room looks great. I’m inspired to get the hubby to do it.

  40. I cannot tell you how much I love it. Will you send your crew to my house?

  41. It looks great, I really like the wall color. I linked up, we did ours about a year ago. The room looks a little different now but I’m too lazy to take new pictures. lol

    I’m with you, I let my hubby cut and nail and I did the painting. The saw scares the crap out of me in all honesty.

  42. I LOVE it! We’re doing it in our playroom right now. Even more, I love that the clown car handles are BACK on that fab dresser :)

  43. LOVE IT. My office is painted those two colors right now, but with no chair rail or anything separating it. Its just a ghetto invisible chair rail. Basically your pictures from before b&b, only thats my after. waaaah.
    Okay but onto my point…I want to do b&b but I have the dreaded textured walls!!!!!! Will it look dumb?!?!

  44. Laura B. says

    fantastic!! I have no idea how to “linky”, so I’ll put my link here… You clever gals!! :-)

  45. Oh, it looks GORGEOUS! So happy for you…what a nice gift. :)

  46. LOVE IT!

  47. I beg to differ…we will be wearing silver jumpsuits in the future. :) Or so I’m told. Have you ever seen a 6″ tall woman in a metallic jumpsuit? No wonder they say the future looks bright.

    This looks lovely–you are great at delegating! I’d link up and show our hallway we did last year (I delegated, too!) but I haven’t posted it yet. :( You are the world’s best renter. Ever.

  48. Colleen P. says

    Mer, you could probably nail up some really thin wood something or other (like paneling, but smooth) and paint that gloss white. It would increase your cost but it would definitely solve the textured wall problem.

    *still snorting with laughter over the “future looks bright” comment, and imagining my 6 ft. tall best friend, who is British, attired in such a thing*

    *I may wet myself here…that’s just too funny*

  49. SO beautiful!!!!


  50. Absolutely lovely! It adds such depth to the room.

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