Bird Watching

Maryanne turned a $25 unpainted armioure into a TV cabinet for a widescreen TV

I’m in love with this Fairy Garden by Sixty-Fifth Avenue

Eight Weekend DIY Curb Appeal Projects from Centsational Girl

I love this recent quote from Rie at Home & Harmony–I couldn’t agree more, you can view limitations as a curse or a blessing.

“If there was no limit to what we could buy, our homes would likely be filled with things inspired by someone else.”

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  1. That quote is wonderful, reminds of me another: “necessity is the mother of invention”. If things were too easily come by, what would be special.
    Have a fun weekend! Janell

  2. I love those dining room chairs.

  3. Oh Nester, you’re so fabulous ! Thanks so much for the linky love, and I absolutely love that quote. I’ve been in plenty of ritzy houses over the years obviously decorated by a ‘professional’ and it always amazes me how ‘cold’ they can feel. It’s true, when we are limited by a budget we are forced to get creative and more importantly, get personal in how we feather our nests. I much prefer the warmth of a home that’s decorated with the homeowner’s personal touches. That quote is one to adopt for sure !


  4. Great quote! Great makeovers and love that dining set!!

  5. I LOVE those window boxes! If my thumb wasn’t quite so black I might give them a whirl. I think I may paint my front door a deep red instead. I am desperately in need of a punch of color.

  6. The blue house with all the impatients is about 10 minutes from me! She does all of her impatients in pots and has a truely beautiful yard. Every year she hosts a tour of her home and gardens as a benefit and I went last year with my mother-in-law. That photo doesn’t even begin to show all the beautiful flowers and landscaping that she has done.

  7. WONDERFUL links SWEETIE! I totally agree, when you are FORCED by a budget you sometimes have the BEST DECOR!

  8. I love all those flowers and the fairy garden is so very sweet~
    sandy toe

  9. Love, love the fairy garden…I finally have a few hours to blog hop…Be sure and check out my new post on a GREAT FATHERS Day gift, plus a great Disney giveaway that ends Monday…Some really fun stuff…

  10. Love the window boxes and flowers all around the perimeter of that one home! That’s what I dream of doing some day. We recently moved into our “new” home and have been here three months. Hard to think about the outside when I am just trying to get the inside under control and feeling like home! But I must thank you for my window mistreatment inspiration. Just created a new post with my cheap IKEA curtains that I used your directions to do! Love them!

  11. Christy says:

    Thanks for the link to Home and Harmony. I’d never come across her blog before and I’ve enjoyed perusing her posts. She has great style!

  12. Hi Nester,
    Thanks for showing off my fairy garden! Loving all of your bird watching links and your fabulous blog!
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Renee ~Nay says:

    Dear Nester and friends of Nest:

    I was wondering on some advice on where to find a l shaped section couch that is like nests that I me and my brood of the six of us can sink into and be super comfy in but no have a huge couch expense any ideas on where to find these kind of couches at? Thanks~ Nay

  14. Wow, I’ve been quoted! So flattered… especially coming from you! Thanks so much for linking me. :)

  15. LOVE, love, LoVe, lOvE that quote!

    So true.

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