Special thanks to DaySpring for sponsoring this giveaway and feathering our nest with these charming book crops.

Did you notice this sign on my mantel the other day?  My boys did.  I saw one of them mouthing the words as he read it to himself.

There’s one here too.

And here.

And here.

Over here.

Yonder right there.

Wait, I’m confused…wasn’t there a different one on the mantel 6 pictures ago?

These beautiful simple truths are now randomly placed all over our home. I know that after being surrounded by these verses, hymn phrases, and words of encouragement for the next 5-9 years, my boys will have a hard time getting them out of their heads.  There’s something about seeing words and images in the home you grow up in that just stay with you.

Growing up, I don’t think we had any words on our walls but, we had a front door made out of some weird kind of wood that made it look like there were dozens of scary monkey faces staring at you.  I’ll never forget that door.  Or those faces.  So I figure, why not be intentional about what our boys see.  I mean, we talk about the Bible and believe it, it just seems natural to have something more than a paper note card with a verse written on it taped to a bathroom mirror.

That’s why I love these Book Crops.  I forgot to ask what a book crop actually is but, for me, they are unobtrusive wooden signs. But they are more, these are understated, timeless wooden signs with real meaning that can stand on their own or hang on a wall.  Wooden signs that would make a great gift or complete any door hung on the wall. Wooden signs that I can sneak in just about every room of our house.  Kind of like those moms who sneak zucchini into cupcakes.  DaySpring has at least 15 different choices and, if you don’t find that perfect verse, phrase or quote, you can even make your own custom book crop.

DaySpring is very generous and is giving away some of these signs for you too.

There are lots of ways to win. You can enter once or three different ways depending on your mood and level of competitive winningness:

1. Leave a comment here, just saying hi, or whatever–it’s that easy  {two winners of their choice of book crop/sign}

2. Tweet about this giveaway on twitter–just make sure you include @thenester so I know you did it {one winner}

3. Create your own sign at the DaySpring-Danielson Design Studio and then do a quick post about it showing us the screen shot of the sign you made on your blog and link up here. {one winner of a $50 Studio DaySpring gift certificate}