Special thanks to Jan for sending me her vision of my party

It’s party time.  No really, it’ll be fun.  At least during the breaks…

Anyone out there with low to average sewing skilz {ok, we’ll let you good sewers come too} who wants to learn from the QUEEN of slips {not me but PINK from Pink and Polka Dot} and doesn’t mind spending a pretty Saturday sewing is welcome to come to my house and help me {and my me I mean Pink} make slipcovers for my poor, tired sectional.

This will be a day of actual work and actual learning and fun.  It’s my way of tricking people into making a slipcover for me while I act like an idiot and laugh and serve you food.   I’ll probably have my sewing machine out in hopes that people think I’m working.  Plus, you will get to learn straight from the world renowned slipcover whisperer, Pink.

I stole this button from Pink’s slip cover party but I thought it would work fine for me too

The date for the party is Saturday, May 1st 9am.   Here are the requirements:

  • You need to be able to drive to north Charlotte, NC for the day
  • bring your sewing machine and be willing to sew
  • dress cute because I’ll be taking lots of photos.
  • email me nestergirl {at} gmail {dot} com with the word “slips” in the subject line. If you CAN come and drive to north Charlotte and I haven’t already met you, you will need to prove to me that you are not a killer by friending me on facebook {Nester Smith} or sending me a link to your blog that you didn’t just start today.  I have lots of women to protect and I can’t have any funny business.
  • Tracey, Kim, Mary Jean, Terri?  I think you all wanted to come, now that you know the date, let me know for sure.

Hopefully we’ll have about 4-8 of us, if 30 people want to come I’ll have to draw names out of a nest or something to see who comes.   So, for if some reason, you send me an email and I send you a reply telling you that we already have enough people, please don’t feel bad because…

I’m having another party 2 weeks later!

And for all of you non sewers and or smart people who know better than to sign up for a day of manual labor I’ll be hosting ANOTHER get together on Saturday May 15th which will be pure enjoyment open to everyone where you don’t have to sew.  I’ll tell you about that one next week.