Hanging White Dishes


It started with this.  Tight and symmetrical. my usual way to hang white dishes.  I thought maybe I’d keep my eyes open for more and fill the entire wall.  But I didn’t want to wait for it to be done.  So I stopped right there and placed all my white hanging dishes on the floor to see what I could come up with.

My goal was to use up what I had available at the time, keep it fun and easy–no measuring. If I get a pretty new white dish in the future that I want to show off I can easily add to the arrangement.

The sloping to the left corner works really well because is leads the eye {eyes if you have two} up to the stair case where we have our gallery of empty frames and steps that also slope up to the left.  It works well together.  But I might change it up if I feel like it. You know, since it’s so easy.

White dishes are the poor girl’s solution to wall art.  Low commitment, super thrifty, and they add a touch of class and freshness to any room.  All you need is a painted wall and some plate hangers from the dollar store.

Where do you use white dishes?

PS: don’t forget, tomorrow is our Mantel Link up–and anyone can join in if you don’t have a mantel–you can decorate any surface–a shelf, dresser, tablescape, the dashboard of your car, whatever.  The point is to inspire each other!  See you then.

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  1. I love plates and I love how you hung those. Looks great.

  2. Love the plates on the wall. Have several I’ve been meaning to hang, but have been scared to. Not any more. Ta very much!

  3. I love this idea! I think I am going to do white dishes above our loveseat. We are using a white serving platter as a centerpiece on the coffee table. Do you think that will pull it together? Or, be too much?
    Also, I think you recently did a post on how to hang these plates, but I can’t seem to find it…

  4. i love what you did–you freestyle so well.

  5. i just realized–your dish arrangment looks like our set dinner table, except in neon ikea plates.

  6. Love the plate ideas you’ve given us. So nice. Marsha

  7. I love/hate that you make this process look so effortless!!! i have been working on a “freestyle” plate wall for weeks and finally got it right last night! But, I have ISSUES and quite possibly need professional help! Thanks for the inspiration. I posted my freestyle PB knockoff wall today. I hope I did you proud, Nestergirl.


  8. Love this look! What’s great about this is that you can design it however you want, however big you want, and you can switch out a couple of the platters here and there with “seasonal” or “holiday” colors for little pops.

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