Almost two years ago I saw a photo in a magazine of a spoon ornament that had some moss and an miniature egg on it.  I immediately got my drill and tried to drill a hole through one of my disposal chewed up spoons.  I almost started a fire but I simply couldn’t get that ding a ling hole drilled.  And besides, I had tassels to make.

Then a few weeks ago my mom and I found some beautiful silver plate spoons and I remembered that photo.  I couldn’t find it anywhere but that didn’t matter, I knew just what to do.

I asked my husband to help me.  I found a heavy duty drill bit and he used his heavy duty drill and it still smelled like we were trying to melt metal but it worked.  We had holes.

Then my mom came over and we glued all sorts of moss and bark and tiny eggs and shells and berries and stuff onto the bowl of the spoon.  We also bent most of the spoons up a little on the end so the nesting part wouldn’t look like it was going to slip off.

We’ve got iced tea spoons and soup spoons and ladles, some have monograms and stampings and some are showing beautiful wear, proving they’ve been loved before they were separated from their sets.  I wanted to think of a catchy name for them and I thought Nesting Spoons would fit nicely, you know Nesting Place, Nesting Spoons?

This is the part where I show you far too many photos.

I know what you are thinking, ok, they are pretty charming, but what’s a person supposed to do with them?

Remember tassels? Yep, same kind of thing.  Beautiful, needless, purely unnecessary, and I must have them all.

I love them layered on a lamp.

Or layered on a lamp.  Have I mentioned layered on a lamp?  One looks lovely hanging from a knob in my kitchen and on my armoire.

Here’s an idea, you can hang it on a lamp.  I’m a little partial to that one if you haven’t noticed.

If you have any random spoons laying around, you can drill a hole and add some little pretties to it and have a beautiful little conversations piece.  Or, if you don’t want to make your own, we have 10 Nesting Spoons for sale in the ebay shop–all starting at 99 cents of course.  Each Nesting Spoon is a unique silver plate spoon, not aluminum or anything cheap, each one has its own personality and is branded with the Nesting Place ribbon. They are so adorable!


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