Unexpected Color


I found two gold framed floral pieces 14 years ago at a thrift shop in Florida.  They were 75 cents each and I’m still convinced that the very best thrifting is to be found in the sunshine state.  Not to mention, these little numbers are two of my favorite possessions.

Family Room

I decided to follow my own advice and hang them someplace unexpected.  For some reason, I have never liked them hung on stark white walls, I think they pop more layerd on color.  They are a little surprise when you open the armiore.

Disclaimer: please ignore that red plate hanging up there, I just haven’t gotten to that wall yet, it takes me time to process and get it right, and it’s a bear to climb up there and take it down. This home is ALWAYS a work in progress.

Where’s the most surprising place you’ve hung something?

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  1. I guess I’m not very surprising because I don’t have an answer for this. :) I think those prints look great hung in the armiore. Very pretty.

  2. Hi there!
    What a great picture! LOVE those colors and the peonies (that’s what it looks like) is so great!

    Love checking in on your blog for design details – making your home feel welcoming and loving! Blessings to you and your family today!!

  3. Ooo,

    It’s kind of like when you see a pair of black shoes, but they catch your eye because there is a cute pattern on the INSIDE of the shoe. I have a pair of shoes like that. And the insides make me happy! I’m going to be on the lookout for surpirsing places now!

  4. No surprises here. But my friend’s mom had a mirror over the toilet. And let’s just say it was a little low…
    Great conversation starter?!

  5. I have a little picture frame around my door peephole, kind of like how they did on Friends.

    It adds a touch of color to a bland door.

    The pictures in the armior look so pretty!

  6. Do you know what I love the MOST most from that picture? That even though your house is beautiful and I drool on my keyboard when looking at pictures of it? It’s not so pristinely beautiful that ya can’t plop a tush on a cush and throw your feet up on the coffee table. THAT is a beautiful thing.

    Oh, and I like the unconventional hanging place for the frames. :-) That too.

  7. Great pictures.
    I hung pictures of my babies in the bathroom.
    Was that your hubby posing so nice for you? ;)

  8. I just love your home. I just wanted to let you know, I borrowed one of your pictures today, I did give you all the credit though. I even linked it back to your blog. I would love for you to come by and visit it. If I thought I could someone cyber steal that awesome couch of yours, I might have done that too!!

  9. Love those little prints! Love them against that blue! You’re right, though…against white they’d get lost.

    And all my stuff is placed very…expected. : )

  10. Here is what I love most about your home.

    It always looks so warm, cozy and inviting. You have done a wonderful job of making it a place that I am sure your family loves to be.


  11. It’s hard for me to eye something different than what I’d usually pick up and see it’s potential. Kudos to you on that!
    I do love the color of them.

  12. I love what you did with the armoir. I have often stared at mine wondering if it would be weird to hang something on those open doors. Now I know. I would not imagine it to be that unusual but, I like to hang things on my old fence in the back yard. I have a few hanging orchids on old branches and a cement bust depicting our blessed mother. Both sweet treats whenever I look at the old fence.

  13. I would have never thought of that. I think I have an idea though of how I can add a little unexpecting color soon.

  14. Cute Idea!


  15. See, I would never have thought of doing that. I am so uncreative when it comes to decorating. The pics on your armoire look super cute!

    Wait! I’m looking in my living room and did hang some pretty dayspring bowls up in my living room. Yeah! Does that count as creative? Maybe I’m not as hopeless as I thought…

    I love the toilet bowl idea! Maybe I should hang some pretties in my car, too…I am in there more than I’d like to be!

  16. I am gonna hang a new chalkboard that I made from an old picture on the side of a cupboard in my kitchen today. Why not?????

  17. Well, I have a random piece of red, flower-patterned Japanese cloth hanging in my guest bathroom. It is just beautiful (to me!) My husband thinks it is random. But whatever, it makes the room warmer and me happy!

  18. I love that artwork! Awesome thrift!

  19. Love this idea since the doors seem to be always hanging open! I’m the only one at my house, it seems, that knows how hinges work and that they can be closed. he he

  20. I like that! Ok, still determined to paint *something* in my house that pretty blue color. I love that every time you post a picture!! I have a sign that’s a little unexpected in one of my bathrooms. It’s on the back of the bathroom door…hence, you only notice it or end up reading when you’re, um, on the pot! It’s “Rules of the Bathroom”.

    Couple funny ones:
    Save electricity – learn to aim in the dark.
    Long timers be warned! After 2 hours ejector chair will start working.
    We suggest you whistle or sing to obliterate inappropriate noises. Song sheets are available from the host.

    I always know when someone has found it for the first time because I hear loud laughter coming from the bathroom!

  21. what a great idea for hanging a few cute frames!! love it!

  22. I LOVE that there is a nice little surprise waiting for you each and every time you open the doors and for 75 cents each?! What a steal of a deal! Bravo!


  23. Thanks so much for taking a picture with my Flat Friend at Blissdom. Sprittibee sent me the Flickr link. I’m hoping some of your creative juices will rub off on me.

  24. That looks great! You just reminded me that I have two little bitty mirrors that would look cute in some unexpected spot. Maybe hung on the edge of my built-in shelves? Hmmm, going to check that out…

  25. Actually, I rather like the little red plate! Why not just surround him with friends on the top of the armoire, by creating one of your lovely vignettes?

    Most surprising place I’ve hung artwork = in a shower… long story. ;)

  26. I hung a little sign that says “Woof” above my dog’s food and water bowls in the kitchen. He should have some art in his dining room too.

  27. folksmith says:

    i like to hang photos in the bathroom.

  28. I hung a couple of ceiling tin panels under my kitchen bar. Everytime my son eats there and kicks them with his feet, they chip a bit and look even better. Sure beats scuff marks, dried food, and dents that were hanging there before.

  29. Oh i love to hang things in unexpected places. And I agree that you chose a wonderful spot for those charming little prints! I have used suction cups to hang small flower arrangments on windows, and I’ve hung things in archways, especially around the holidays. My daughter’s closet door is framed in fun postcards, they border all the way around it. I guess those are the most unique locations for me. :)

  30. I hung my husband’s middle school achievement/effort awards in our garage – my MIL gave them to me when we were married. They were framed, and it cracked me up. Completely ridiculous – so I hung them in our garage. They make me laugh every time I enter the house.

  31. What a deal you got! Those are just adorable. Love the color!

  32. I love the prints, but I have to say that I hate that I can’t click on your pictures to make them larger anymore. Bummer!

  33. I love this idea. Very clever. Those pictures are also a wonderful find at $.75 a piece. When I find stuff like that I almost feel bad. Almost.

  34. I recently stumbld on ur blog and I absolutely love it!! You are such a good decorator and an even fun writer. Your personality reflects thru ur words and shines into your house.

    I love the idea of unexpecter color but I must say i love that there is a little white horse standing gallantly next to the black TV. That’s another surprise and unexpected burst of color.

    New addict of ur blog =)

  35. What a fun idea. It is like an added surprise when you open up the armoire.

  36. Love the post…great idea. My favorite part was actually the hubster sitting there with a drink and his feet up on the table. Way to keep it real, girlfriend!

  37. Nester,

  38. whoops…
    I saw your comment about comment about putting fabric on the walls. I gre up in military housing and my mom would use a starch and water mixture to put fabric on the walls.. You apply it sort of like wall paper. When you want to take it down, you just wet the fabric and it peals right off. You can even put it in the wash and starch it up again.

  39. Victoria Martin says:

    I love looking at pictures of your house! I love art and have it everywhere in the house. My family laughs at me because despite our front door, everyone seems to come in through the basement garage (esp in bad weather!) so I painted the stairwell walls and have hung my thrift store collection of folk art there.

    I also paint all my closet interiors pale blue and hang pictures or mirrors on the insides of the door. I use the little 3M mounting squares on the back corners of frames to keep the pictures from rattling when opening the doors.

  40. Hi,
    The most unusual place I’ve hung something is inside my clothes closet! It is a double closet with the duct work enclosed in the wall that juts out to separate the two closets. I hung a picture of a little girl (I raised two girls) trying on her mommy’s clothes and shoes…it is adorable. When my daughter first opened my closet doors she said “oh, that’s so neat!” I agree hanging things in surprising places is “neat!”

  41. The prints are so special!!! I love the cabinet.

    Oddest place I’ve hung something? Right next to the toilet – just as you sit down to go. A small Gauguin painting of The Washerwomen. Not an original, of course.

  42. I have a large wardrobe in my living room. On the inside of the door, I’ve created my own Inspiration Collage of photos and fabrics that I just love to look at.

    Every time I open the door to the wardrobe, I get a hit of my favorite things. It’s a little hidden hit of happiness.

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