House, the Shop.

I got some comments from this post about my 75 cent little paintings that I’ve had for 15 years.  Some of you couldn’t believe that I keep stuff for that long.  And I do, if I’m emotionally attached to it.  However, there are also quite a few things that I get rid of.


I had a yard sale and a swap meet last year and now I’ve got a handful of things listed on ebay if you are interested. Everything starts at 99 cents because that is fun.  There are just too many beautiful things in this world.

Picture 1

Do you regularly purge your collection?

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  1. I long ago decided that nothing comes into our home that we don’t love. I also want things that have meaning to our family. Most of our home decor accessories are things that we either pick up on trips (reminders of those times) or items we’ve purchased when we’re out treasure hunting (antique stores, estate sales, etc.). I also find alot of items through ebay and etsy. I also have a few precious items that have come from our families. While I do swap items out and move things around often, most of my things I plan to keep through the years and so I don’t really have a need to purge often. Bedding, curtains, etc. those kind of things that are still in perfectly good shape but you are tired of (LOL), those type things I usually donate.


  2. Nester, love the egg basket. I keep all my “traseures” safe at home for whenever I need them.

  3. I don’t purge often enough! After your swap meet post last year, I really started thinking about how much fun it would be to attend one. Unfortunately, around here, I seem to be the one that plans stuff…sooooo I guess I should get started, huh? Looove your egg basket!

  4. I’ve been “shopping” in my basement the past few months. I like re-purposing items and have kept some things for many years, just in case. I’ve been trying to sell two sets of Depression Glassware that I bought in my teens on my Etsy account and on Craig’s List with no luck. I think everyone is getting rid of the stuff!

  5. Last year when we moved to a rental I purged big time and have only thought “why did I give that away?” 84 thousand times! I plan on doing it again when we move into the new house. It’s cleansing and gives you an excuse to start browsing the flea markets again! I try to remind myself that we are only pilgrims in this land and I will only be here a short while, so why burden my daughters with this big stash of stuff to sort through when I’m gone? they’re sure not gonna want it! :)

  6. I just recently got rid of a lot of stuff while we were moving. I was more ruthless than I would’ve been ordinarily – because of the time constraint. Some of those items I’d been looking at for a while KNOWING I wouldn’t be using them again!

    Some things I keep {like an inventory} in my garage or in cabinets in my laundry room. I love to shop the house first!

  7. I love you so much that I would probably buy your trash. I am now on my 3rd tassel, they are getting nicer! My husband wishes I would stop rearranging stuff and trying to spray paint everything. I just can’t help it…

  8. I was snowed in over the weekend and used it as an opportunity to go through every cupboard to pack up the items that I’m over. Good news is that I was able to drop them off at Goodwill earlier this week before getting snowed in again yesterday & today!

  9. I don’t purge so much, it’s more like I just don’t buy anything unless it’s a dollar! so I don’t really have much stuff to purge. Except for the tacky wall hangings my MIL likes to buy us. We re-gift those. But I do love some old finds, like some of the things you’re selling! they really bring a unique flavor to the home.

  10. I love selling things…making room for new. It’s like welcoming in the New Year!


  11. How GRAND! These are fabulous! I sell similar chalkboards ….ready for a thought, verse, or menu!

    HAve a great day!

  12. Sometimes I purge! If I haven’t used it in a while, then I want to get rid of it. However, I’m going to be “shopping my house” as I plan to decorate above my kitchen cupboards (something I haven’t done). Hopefully I will be posting about this next week! (This gives me a goal!)

  13. LOL, I have adult daughters that shop my home! They are always eager to take any hand me down pretties.

  14. Every Spring and Fall I purge by selling on Ebay. I love it!

  15. Ebay. I really need to look into this more seriously. I’m off to look!

  16. I love a good purge!! My spring purge began last weekend! I am just so excited!! I love that purge feeling!

  17. I regularly purge and get rid of stuff. In fact, I have 3 garbage bags by the front door right now! Your little house pictures remind me of our current house. We do have a dishwasher but no storage space. It’s cute, though, and the rent is cheap!

  18. I really like that egg basket, too! NIFTY! And I have not been a disciplined purger, but all of that is changing now! We are starting with our closets and the 3rd floor. This mess has gotta GO!

  19. I love to purge, much to the horror of the pack rats I seem to have married and birthed. :)

  20. I purge regularly! I hate clutter, so I usually have an annual yard sale in late spring with a friend or neighbor to purge.

    I have my favorite standby’s that will never leave (like my $2 rooster picture, that someone cut from delicate paper, from Goodwill), although occassionally those favorites go into a Rubbermaid box to reappear later.

    But for the most part, I change my mind alot, so I sell alot. :-)

    Luckily most of my treasures were found on the cheap, so selling them isn’t a problem.

  21. Hmmmm…I purge, but I keep the really pretty stuff. We’re going to Metz, France tomorrow to hit the big monthly flea market and I’ll be on the lookout for more pretties. I’ve added “wire egg basket” to the list of things I have to look for because I’m afraid all your other rabid fans are going to drive the one you have listed sky high!

  22. I only buy things that I really love and I don’t keep things. If I am not using it, it goes to Goodwill or I have a yard sale. Since we justed moved across the country, I am in need of a yard sale. I have my things ready to go when the spring gets here.

  23. Ahhh.. what collection! I have no style whatsoever in my own home. I’m hoping to change this soon… starting with paint color!

  24. Oooh, I’ll have to shop your ebay store. That blue candle holder looks to have my name on it. Loved your last post by the way. So sweet.

  25. I do purge at least 1-2X a year, much to the dismay of a mother who thought she taught me better. I can understand her point, she was born in the 30’s and knows what the depression was like.
    I on the other hand just LOVE to shop at the local thrift stores and am choosy on how much I spend. If a accessory item is $5, I have to like it a LOT to buy it. Usually I stay at .15-$1.00/ small item. And only on very occasional times will buy a larger item(there I try to stick to the NEEDS, not WANTS). Then when I am tired of it, I return it and they can resell it.
    I really like your blog with all it’s wonderful ideas!

  26. In the last few years I have felt a call to simplify. The first time came with a move several states away. Packing or selling at a garage sale, sold it if I didn’t love it. The second big purge came three years ago when we moved to a house half the size of the one we left. My goal was to rid everything by a third, and I had success. It was a very freeing feeling. Currently we keep a box in the laundry room that everyone in the family places their stuff in, when it is full it goes to the local home less shelter. Simplifying seems to be if not a daily process certainly a weekly process. But I did fine a great scale last weekend for my kitchen counter for $12.95. I love it! Nester I have moved 11 times in 25 years of marriage. Have been at the current home 3 yrs.

  27. Christie sums it up perfectly: We do indeed love you so much that we would probably buy your trash, and we’re definitely interested in your cast-offs!

  28. Victoria Martin says:

    I purge in a fun way. I’m lucky that my mom and my best friend share similar taste with me so we set aside “donations” and meet up every few months for a swap. We regularly call each other to borrow back and forth. This way, the item is getting used/repurposed and it’s a free, fun way for us to ‘shop’.

  29. No! I NEVER purge and that’s why I’m in the predicament that I’m in now… I HATE EVERYTHING I OWN! Sick of it I tell ya! I need a major overhaul and I have no idea how to do it! You should come over to my blog and read my recent “Top ten things I need to change in my house”. Just blogged about it on Tuesday, so it’s something I think about ALL THE TIME! I want a total redo, wanna help me?

  30. I have purged so much in the last couple of years. I would keep so many things just in case I needed them and I realized they were just creating a cluttered mess. Once I started purging I couldn’t stop.


  31. I have to purge or I’d have tooooo much, but I am pretty good about picking up only thrifty stuff in the first place so I don’t feel too bad getting rid of it on a regular basis. But there are favorites I DO keep and will probably have 25 years from now! :)

  32. I do purge every so often but the last year of so I’ve really gone more to organizing my stuff……anything I really don’t care for anymore I get rid of but everything else I just try to put away/store in an organized enough way that I can easily “shop” my stuff when I need something. I have been amazed how often when I want a new something to hang or decorate with I already have something I can use in a new way or recreate/repurpose. I just last week wanted a focal point for above my bed and without buying a single item made one from a grapevine wreath, 2 kinds of ribbon, china and chipboard. It looks great and I felt so good about creating it for no $!
    I try to ask myself before throwing/giving something away if I’m doing it because I really don’t want it or I’mjust feeling too lazy to put it away ;o)

    • O that sounds neat! I was just trying to come up with what to put above my bed, too. I’d love to see the pics from your completed project.

  33. This Air Force wife does. We are only allowed a certain weight limit and I’m always paranoid we will exceed it. However…I am a sentimental gal, too, so there are plenty of treasures I keep! Some are decoratorish while others are just a hodgepodge of things, like my kids’ Little People toys. For some reason, I just can’t let go of those toys. I rationalize I am saving them for grandchildren.

    I’m such a dork!

  34. I try and purge…but it usually just ends up hiding in the guest room closet! At least that way I don’t always see it…it’s like new when I find it a few months later.

  35. I went and looked at your cool stuff on ebay when you tweeted that you were selling a tassle there :) can’t believe that you are selling your bathroom stuff (the damask goodies). Seems like yesterday it was featured on your blog. :) Such a breath of fresh air your blog is lately to me. I have cleared out some clutter stuff and getting ready to turn this mutha out. Bam. Thanks for your inspiration!!!

  36. How in the world can you part with that adorable egg basket??? So cute.

  37. Jennifer S. says:

    15 years a long time to keep something? Really???!!! I’m “just” 31 and have kept things much longer than 15 years! I have decorative things in my home that were from my childhood, such as a white linen baby dress that was worn by my mother, then me, and finally my daughter. I’ve framed it and it is one of the most favorite things I own! I also have another little sweet baby top that belonged me, and I stitched up the sides, the neck and base to make the sweetest little throw pillow for my son’s nursery. Oh, can I ever make a list of things like this that I have kept and will keep FOREVER!

    On another note, I always have a tote in the back of my suv with stuff to take to Goodwill, so I do purge things on a regular basis because there is such a thing as “too much of a good thing”.

    I adore all your decorating, especially the floral prints! =)

  38. Jennifer S. says:

    Oh yeah, forgot to add that I LOOOOVEEE that egg basket so much that I just bid on it! hee hee ;) I can’t believe that you are parting with it, as I can think of a million things to do with it!

  39. I don’t keep anything ‘extra’, so ya, I purge often.


  40. I’m sort of a binger/purger. Buy stuff, get rid of stuff.

  41. I get rid of things occasionally, but often I just repaint something and use it in a different way.

  42. I just made a vow today to take all the things I’m hiding in closets and find a way to use them or lose them. Except that they’re hiding in closets because I love them (I’m a regular declutterer, thank you flylady). So, here’s to creative using! Next week.

  43. I never bring something in without taking something out and I regularly give things away that I don’t want to. It just seems to make a more peaceful house. Plus when you give things away new things always find you.

  44. I keep a tall lidded wicker basket behind our bedroom door and when I have an item of clothing, toys or home dec that I’m just not feelin’ anymore I toss it in there. When I get a call from Amvets, NCC, or I’m making a thrift store run I bag it up and send it off.

  45. LOVE the egg basket!!!!

  46. Yes, quite regularly purge. I’m not very consistent with the 27 fling boogie, but every so often the kids better keep moving or I’ll package them off too. Right now the family room floor is covered because we’re switching/purging toys.

    I do hold on to much loved things. I still have things that I got during high school for my room. Right now a lot of decorations are packed away. I found some nice things at the thrift shop. One just needed dusted and the other needs some paint.

  47. I purge almost everyday. I am constantly moving things around and as I bring in new stuff I get rid of the old. I do however keep a very large stash of stuff in my basement so that I can just shop the house and that is what I have been doing lately so that I am not brining in any more stuff. I just love everything that you are getting rid of and I agree with the other lady who said that she lovedd you so much she “would buy your trash”

    Thnks for all the great posts.

  48. I would have to say that I am the same as you, if I absolutely LOVE something I keep it!! But there are many things that I purge as well, I usually consign them at a local store and do pretty well. I usually never even take the money so I can shop for “free” while I’m there! Lots of fun :)

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