Decorating January-March


Those are the months we should all go on a cruise together, the dark, frigid weeks of winter.

I recently got an email asking about advice for decorating from January till spring.  All I know is what I do and I can assure you I don’t have any January-Spring rubbermaid bins full of cute decorating stuff.  Out with the heavy Christmas decor and in with the…?


Here’s what I find myself focusing on:

  • crisp
  • white
  • clean
  • sparse
  • natural
  • fresh
  • warm

For the most part, in January, I’m focusing more on taking things out of my house.  I remove a few pillows, clear off some of the tablescapes and freshen up the mantle.


I use shells and starfish all year around so those are sitting out already. In the winter I make it a point to set around little hats that I remember my boys wearing {stuffed with tissue paper so they stand on their own}.  And I welcome gloves and scarves laid out on tables ready for the grabbing.  My boys know their fake uggs {fuggs?} can sit in front of the fireplace.  Lastly, I make sure we have a good supply of candles.

What about you, do you have any winterized decor?

Read more about Kimba’s Winter Decor and Melissa at The Inspired Room has a bunch of Winter Decorating Ideas with a Linky for your viewing pleasure!


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  1. I struggle with those winter months, too. I LOVE spring/summer and Christmas so much because there’s always something to add. Hmmm… maybe I should enjoy the “empty” look before spring things start sprouting again.

    Happy Monday!

  2. i cant believe i am number two. yay.
    I think i might try to add a little winter deccor to my home. It seems like after christmas things go back to normal and it stays that way all year long. And the hat idea it too cute. thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. Your ideas are super cute. Do you think I could pull of the hat/gloves decor here in Phoenix? Seriously, I miss the seasons. Hope I can get to Blissdom and meet you. I’m working on the husband. :) Love that shutter btw, I need to find me one. Have a great week!!

  4. I use this time to freshen up towels and linens, and change anything that I’ve been wanting to change for a while now. This Jan-March I am moving around furniture, painting rooms, and making huge trips to Goodwill. Then Easter will be here, right?

  5. These months make good project time for me also. I love the clean lines of a fairly uncluttered look, but then I’m drawn to the fun of done and overdone decor. Will I ever make up my mind? * Sigh*

  6. Pinecones, twigs, firewood and snowflake decor is the only thing I can think of that I really do for the Winter months after Christmas. Being wrapped in a fuzzy blanket by the fire and drinking hot cocoa still adds warmth to such a somber time of year. I tend to burn a lot of candles and have more candles out this time of year, too.

  7. I leave out my snowy houses and all the evergreen swags, plus I add in a few snowmen that I hold back until after Christmas. All the sparkly gold and silver sprays and twigs with some gold balls get me through January, I even have some pieces of fleece that I drape around and through the groupings of houses has really been fun since this year has been so cold and snowy. In February, I bring out some cute more country-ish red things, white lace things, quilts and banners for Valentines…then in March I look for a clean sweep and bring in delicate green things to celebrate the birth of spring. Changing things out for the seasons is my favorite way to decorate!

    • I’m with Mary Beth, I usually don’t put out snowmen decorations until January that way they seem fun and new and they incorporate well with my few little snow village houses which I leave up for January as well. So now almost all Christmas is gone just more winter…..mostly is cream, blue and baige……and then as Jan moves on I slowly start adding in pops of red to transition to Valentine’s Day!
      This year I have even left our tree up! We are in a new home this year the place where I put the tree was visable but not intrusive so I have added more snow themed ornaments for January and then in a week or two I’m transitioning the whole thing to a valentine’s tree! I bought some strands of red lights on after x-mas clearance that I’m going to add along with red ribbon, lace and a few heart ornament that my little girls and I are going to craft up this month……
      So I don’t think winter is boring at all :o)

  8. Like you, I like to ‘lighten up’ after Christmas. I tend to like the way the spaces open up everything seems so….well, cleared out, I suppose. While I love decorating for fall and then especially Christmas, I also love to clear out the clutter for the months leading up to Easter. And truthfully, I don’t do much Easter decorating. But I always consider Easter to be the time to start ‘springing up’ my decor. ; )

  9. Hey, Nester! These are great ideas–I particularly like the cruise idea!!!

    I pull out the snowmen for January. As a former teacher, that was our focus and prayer–for snow–which we rarely got down here. So, lots of cute snowmen stuff.


  10. I actually love winter decor. In Jan, I’m all about silver and white and sparkle. I use fake snow in the bottom of my apothecary jars during Christmas and leave it in for Jan, removing the Poinsettias, and other Christmas stuff. I might leave in the greenery and red berries, and add sparkly snow flakes and bits of silver things. For my centerpiece on the table, I left in the fake snow and white candle and added silver ribbon around top of the jar and tucked some small silver balls and silver painted pine cones in among the greenery. So pretty!
    For Feb, I’ll start adding touches of red, rose petals and hearts. Yay.

  11. I totally agree with you! Sparse, natural and warm sound great to me. I’m all for bringing in some textures and some simple cozy things after the Christmas noise! I’m slowly editing stuff, and picking up new white towels. White sounds really nice right about now!

  12. Yes! It is a perfect time to clear out and get ready for the arrival of spring and new beginnings! The garage is what is major on my list (or husband’s really!) and working on his office (the reward for finally getting to the garage?)

  13. My original plan was to leave some of the Christmas greenery and pinecones and snowmen up in the house and just enjoy some wintery decor. But, seriously, I despise winter and its been below 0 here for about 2 weeks and I am personally sick of winter. The kids are all about the next holiday, so Valentine’s it is! We printed out some vintage Valentine’s cards from an online search and put them into pretty frames and set them on the mantle and bookshelf and bathrooms. We accented with some red candles and roses.

  14. January is my big project month. We always start something major, and it seems to take until spring to get the house back together. I do like to evaluate the linens and buy new towels and such and get rid of stuff in general. I guess it’s my way of getting a jump on spring cleaning. Our snow days are helping me a bit this year!

  15. Oh, I just love your home! Looks like you do a “perfect” job of decorating in these cold dark months! Pearly whites, pinecones, soft lamp light, creamy white blankets, twigs and greenery and candles ~ I put away all my holiday things but leave out anything natural and keep up my plain wreaths with just white lights on them.

  16. We pretty much do our spring cleaning in January, which evolves into a bit of redecorating – taking every book down and dusting, waxing mirrors, moving and vacuuming under the big pieces of furniture, carpets cleaned and wood polished. The whole space feels new.

    A lot of stuff gets culled, some repatriated, some stored for another mood. Paperwhites and white candles are the only constant in winter. Oh yeah, I forgot snuggies. My beautiful tattered white quilts have been replaced with pink snuggies. *sigh*

  17. I would love to decorate for winter, I usually just leave christmas up long enough to get to valentines things. But this year I skiped it all an am currently spring decorating. Who cares if it’s only 15 degress outside. We are going to be putting our house on the market here in the next month and I wanted the photos to look fresh for a while in case it sits on the market for a long. Here’s a link to my new mantle look. I have changed up everything I normally do and this is a completly new look for me.

  18. Thanks for this helpful and timely post! I hate packing up the Christmas decorations, and this is one of the reasons why. My house feels so nekkid without them. I think this is a sign I need more accessories and decor year round. But for now I’ll just keep telling myself how fresh and clean it all is… ;)

  19. Ohhh I love the idea of using the hats. I have 3 daughters and they have worn so many cute hats over the years and I always have a hard time getting rid of them. I must try this. I can just see my husband though……What’s with all the hats?……..

  20. I am not sure I can do winter decor, but I have a question on plain old decor for you that you have touched on somewhat in the past.

    What do do about a wide-screen TV?

    I am clinging to my boxy TV and somewhat 80s oak TV armoire because there are DOORS behind which I can hide the Eye of Mordor, as I call it.

    It seems to me that if I get a new fancy TV (flat-screen, wide, etc) it will DOMINATE our MINDS.

    How can I hide it attractively? Cheaply? For free as my old cabinet was?


    Your friend,

  21. I leave up my greenery from Christmas, sans the “Christmas” decor. It’s a nice wintery look for Jan and February.
    ok, ok, I am just too lazy too take it down…

  22. I love to put darker pillows and add throws to my chairs and sofa and bring in lots of plants and of course the color white….I love the idea of the winter hats girl…Oh I have been having so much fun with your tassel Ebook girl…of course I;m doing them my way and made so many for Christmas presnet this year…love them girl…My house is all tassels out right now ha ha!! May you have a great week my friend…Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  23. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says:

    I don’t have anything specific that I decorate with for these months. It’s just basically what I would consider my “regular” decor and accessories. I do sometimes use red candles and I do have throws on most of our couches/chairs, but that mostly for our actual comfort than decor.

  24. I love the idea of the little hats stuffed with tissue!! I just love looking at little bitty hats my kids used to wear!!
    And I too am trying to come up with what exactly January means to me. Winter white seems to be popping into my head and my decor.

  25. I love to use bare branches for decorating in the winter. I have them in tall cans and ceramic containers. I actually use them all year. As spring approaches I add forsythia. In summer I add hydrangeas or sunflowers. In the fall I add branches with fall leaves and red berries and holly branches for Christmas. Then I leave them bare or with the red berries for the dreary months. I love them bare with nothing else added. They create beautiful lines and texture and add height to tablescapes and corners.

  26. Beth Barlow says:

    I’m such a sore loser, I really wanted that necklace…:)

  27. I totally pulled out a birds nest and stuck it in an urn last week. And I make no apologies for it.

  28. I’m not sure why, but I after Christmas I put out decor centered around candles and pears/apples. Then a throw in a few things for Valentines Day & Mardi Gras. This gets me through to Spring.

  29. I wrote about this today. :) I have a hard time with the post-holiday “blahs” in my decorating (or attempt at decorating). I made a sort of cute glittery snowflake banner yesterday that helped. :) Love the winter hat idea!!!

  30. I’m with you: crisp, clean, white, natural, fresh, and also textured ! I’ve just replaced some dining room curtains with tall cream raw silk panels (on clearance) and I love them. ! Once spring arrives, I’ll just inject some bright accessories.
    See you at Bliss !

  31. I have pictures of my Winter Mantle on my blog. I’m using a lot of white candles, silver glittery stuff, white Christmas lights. I am enjoying the white and silver color scheme.

    Above all else, winter decorating for me means time to pull out lots and lots of candles. Keep them lit all evening. The romantic glow warms up the feel of the house and makes it super cozy on these cold nights.

  32. I take down Christmas decor and then want to jump right into spring…these are the slowest 3 months of the year for me.

  33. We have a Jan birthday so I get out the birthday decorations right after Christmas gets put away, the in Feb the valentines come out. After that it is all about spring.

  34. Excellent topic because I am struggling desperately with this very top right now! My livingroom looks barren after all the Christmas decor was removed. I didn’t like the way it looked before the holidays so I don’t want to put it back the same way. What shall I do????

    • play around with it girl, move the furniture, try out things from other rooms–it’s an opportunity not a problem!

      Have fun!

  35. Your house looks warm and cozy. Love the ideal of using the kids hats.

  36. Well, I’m going to chime in with the other ladies, who said that they do snowmen, snowflakes, silvery glittery fun stuff.

    I *just* today took down the last of the Christmas, and pulled out the beginnings of my winter decor. I have a big garland with the crystal “berries”, white lights, some sparkly snowflakes, etc. I just took the Christmas ornaments out of my apothecary jars, and have moved some of the Epsom salt “snow” into two of them,and have a white ‘candle in a jar” stuck down inside of one of them. On my thrifting list for this year, is a silver finish tray, so that I can use my crystal candlesticks on it (scrounged, wedding presents, antiques, etc). I need to get my garlands up, but I do have my little snowman things in the bathrooms, and the dining room linens (a lovely snowflake embroidered organza bordered white one–just luscious!). I scrounged two white poinsettias at our parish’s ‘pastor appreciation dinner last night (would have snagged another one, but someone else had already claimed it, lol).

    I’m gradually adding to my decorations–I do it pretty much quarterly–Dec1-March 1 is Christmas or general winter, Mar 1- June 1 is spring, June 1-Sept 1 is summer, and Sept 1-Dec 1 is fall. Works well for me to have a schedule. Rather than just switching out when I feel like it. With five children 9 and under, well, I’m busy! :-)

    I really like the fact that you are a “real” decorator, Nester. You show the “real” and the “ideal”, and admit that sometimes, one cannot be “ideal” with the kiddoes around, but in the end, real is better :-) I know I wouldn’t trade my brood for a spotless, carpet-stain-free home, with decorations that are “just so” all the time. :-)

    Thanks, Nester, for the “permission” to not be magazine perfect. Thanks for telling us that it doesn’t have to cost a child’s college tuition to have a beautiful, truly well-loved and well-lived-in, home.

  37. Thornhill says:

    I love the ideas of bringing out the lighter, whiter shades to brighten up the short winter days and lack of sunshine.. I love the bird lamps and have been looking for lamps similar to these… Can you say where you got those or where I might could find some similar? Thanks,

  38. Can I tell you how much I love those bird lamps? Are they a TJ maxx find?

  39. Brilliant: as a knitter, I make lots of hats for my kids, but when they grow out of them, their use seemed over. I never, ever thought about using them as decor. I’m totally doing this!

  40. Hi Nester! Love the hats! Anything to bring a little life and fun into our dreary houses uh? Oh, and I got a real pair of Uggs for Christmas. But my kids wear the fakey ones :) It was close to 70 here yesterday, record setting. Should have gotten the bikini out (not!) Have a great day!

  41. Love this post cuz my house is feeling a little “naked” after I took down all the holiday decorations.

    Thanks for letting me know I won the Dayspring bag giveaway. I am so excited.

    Happy New Year!

  42. Wow, I can’t believe I won something! Thanks a lot!
    I like the “Find the Secret to Being Alive” bag. I don’t see a place to email you, but I’ll look again and send you my address.
    Thanks again,


  43. Love those bird lamps!

  44. Winterized decor – I love getting out the quilts and knitted throws… if I could I’d fill a whole armoire with them on display! Another fun idea – display them on a coat rack.

  45. The second my Christmas decorations go down, the Valentines Day decorations go up. I love conversation hearts, cute plates on the wall, and pink and red candles.


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