If you didn’t see the entire story of the beloved NieNie from the NieNie Dialogs on Oprah yesterday, you missed out. Here’s a link to a part of the show where a mom comes to visit NieNie to see what she does every day, how she does it, and how much she cherishes the mundane tasks that we all take for granted.

After watching that piece, Oprah calls the boring, routine everyday things that moms do “sacred”. It was one of Oprah’s finest moments. And those sacred mundane things are part of what NieNie said motivated her to live.

It was a fantastic show. If you know where I can get the link to the whole part about her, let me know and I’ll link to it here.

Go Nie Nie! Thank you so much for sharing your story! We love you and your beautiful and lovely self!

31 Days will be up in a bit.

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  1. Great, thanks for sharing this blog article. Will read on…

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