31 Days to A Better Dressed Nest :: Day3 ~ Using Plants

Make it Living.

Do you have any real, live greenery in your home?

I hereby declare that every room shall henceforth have at least one livingeth plant.

There is just something about having living plants around. They make a space seem complete. The other day I brought home a tiny, $6 plant for a project for one of my sons. I happened to sit it on the first surface available. Later in the day, I looked around and I couldn’t believe how a simple, unassuming plant transformed a dusty corner into a fresh and inviting area.

good gracious these tree branches add so much drama! image: pottery barn

Whether it’s an outdoor fern brought inside for the winter, sat snugly in a basket in front of the fireplace, long cuttings from your bushes and trees in your yard, moss peeled off the rocks by the creek, or hydrangeas brought home from the grocery store because you are renting and no home owner that you rent from has the sense enough to plant some nice plant like hydrangeas–they only plant azaleas that look burnt up 50 weeks out of the year. You can find some fresh, live green to bring into your home.

And I’m not above stopping on the side of the road and picking weeds.

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