31 Days to A Better Dressed Nest :: Day 4 ~ Surprise!

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Call it whimsy, fun, quirky, unexpected, ok even dorky. But people are more relaxed around those who don’t take them selves quite so seriously.

Instead of taking our decorating so seriously, why not seriously decorate for your particular family and their interests, while having some serious fun?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Frame a Fork or a special, unexpected memento
  • Hang an instrument on your wall
  • Use chalkboard around your fireplace surround and drawn on bricks
  • Frame the wacky family photo instead of the one where you all look like the Mona Lisa
  • Display your child’s artwork like it is the priceless piece that it is
  • Allow some toy masterpieces to be put on display
  • Use child sized furniture in unexpected places

I love having things like this in my home. They signal to the world that this home is a place to kick your shoes off, relax, be yourself, and act crazy sometimes.

I keep a big huge urn of sticks on our sitting room. Sometimes there’s a nest in the sticks. Right now I’ve got a fake crow perched on one of the sticks. At birthdays we situate balloons and I’m trying to think of something clever for Christmas–maybe hanging silver balls?

I want to hear your ideas of quirky, personal, surprising things you’ve done. Let us know in the comments…what’s surprising in your home?

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