31 Days to A Better Dressed Nest :: Day 28~Up and Out

After yesterday’s post about drapery length you would think I’d be scared off from every talking about drapes again. Nope, we’ve got a few more points to hit when it comes to highlighting your windows.

In my opinion, window treatments/mistreatments are there to serve two purposes, the most important being to highlight the windows, and secondly, if needed to help with privacy. Ideally, in a perfect world you don’t want to have to use your window treatments or drapes for privacy, it’s so much easier if you have shades or blinds or if possible, naked windows enhanced with fabric. I know for some of us we need to be able to pull the drapes at night and you still can do that and follow these rules.

See that first photo up there? I’ll copy it here again.

What beautiful silk drapes! But why, WHY is the rod mounted so low and shortly and why does the rod end just outside the window casing? The problem with these drapes is they cover a good amount of light coming from the window. Usually, when we first look at a home to buy, most of us are attracted to the light and how big the windows are. Why would anyone want to cut the natural, free light in half when they put up their window treatments?

Is there a window back there or just a blank wall? We’ll never know.

I personally don’t mind a topper and drapes together but this one is breaking a rule or five–it’s covering up light! Someone needs to raise the rod up so the bottom of the topper just meets the top of the glass. And get a longer rod or extend this one out so that those drapes sit in front of the wall, not precious, priceless, free natural light! Oh, and the drapes are too short too.

“Somebody help me, I’m being smothered.”

I like cafe curtains too, but again, they should be light and airy. During the day, push them all the way to the edges to let light in.

This cafe curtain is great because lets in light but still provides a bit of privacy. Well done!
What is this? Some creepy form of punishment? I know for these advertisements, they want to show the fabric on the drapes, but I see this done in real homes all the time. Dark, dark, heavy curtains and a sliver of natural light? Maybe in a few years living in a dim cave will be all the rage but here in 2009, people want light. DON’T COVER UP THE WINDOWS!!!

If you insist on covering your glass in your windows, consider a light fabric. And remember to raise that rod up higher! If you like to hide some light sometimes, you can still pull your drapes together for privacy or light control but, you should have the option to open them and allow 95% of the window to show. This is especially true if your house is on the market.

A higher rod results in longer drapes that result in a more spacious feeling in your space. And making sure the fabric falls mostly in front of the wall just covering the edges of the glass on the windows gives the illusion of big huge windows and maximizes the light.

If you want dark, short rooms with the appearance of tiny windows, just ignore me. Don’t hate me because I’m bossy and opinionated. This trick will change your entire home!

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  1. Exception (cause I always like to point out exceptions): The curtains are in a bedroom and you work nights, sleep in the day, and need to block out that light so you can get some shut eye (or like to sleep in in the mornings, or have a baby who naps better in a dark room). Anyways, otherwise, totally agree and love the tips.

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