31 Days to A Better Dressed Nest :: Day 23~Group it

Welcome to day 23 of A Better Dressed Nest. Let’s jump right in with today’s tip. For a bigger and better impact group like things together. It’s that simple.

Group your succulents.

My boys even know the power of a good grouping.

My apothecary jars are all protected, I mean grouped in my glass terrarium.

I group pillows {bordering on layering}

Group colored dishes {layering too, hate me}

Paper lanterns look much better clumped together.

One dish on the wall is so lonely, pack them in.

If you have a collection of something, gather them all together and show them off.

I even pile all of our pretty soaps and brushes in a big bowl. They like being together.

One pumpkin on this table would be sad.

And art looks good in pairs and such as well.

What have you grouped lately?

Yard sale update will come later today, stay tuned, it seriously looks like it might rain and we’ll have to postpone.

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