31 Days to A Better Dressed Nest :: Day 22~ Fix Something Broken

A guest post from my dear, funny friend, and favorite contractor, Tim, The Remodeling Guy, we are obviously ultra cool together. Here’s Tim…

Before I can really get going here, I have to take a moment to compose myself. It’s just hard not to laugh whenever I come over here to The Nesting Place. The Nester is just too funny!

It also strikes me as a little bit ironic that I’m writing about how to better dress a nest! Up until a year ago, I thought nests were all in trees. Now I know better and I’m honored to be invited here for this guest post!

I’m stumped though. How, on this wonderfully written, witty, and engaging blog, am I supposed to lead into the subject matter..???

Fix Something Broken

I could just hit on the fact that we all know just how annoying those “little things” can be! How they grate on your nerves every single time you see them. Day, after day, after day. But that would be depressing and make me feel bad about my list!

I could tell a story about how my mother-in-law almost hit the floor when she tried to sit in a broken chair (ha!)… well, it’s actually not broken, just three-legged. Or I could complain about the cabinet door on the cabinet that holds all my grillin’ seasoning… it closes on me every single time! It’ll get ya!

If I really wanted to make this a “feature length” post, I could ask my wonderful wife, Kim, a simple question…”um, dear (I don’t really say dear), is there anything around here you’d like me to fix?” But let’s not go there. It’s not a good idea.

The fact is, I could pick any one of a number of things to take care of around here, and every single one of them would result, ever so slightly, in a “better dressed nest!” And every step, no matter how small, makes a big difference!

I’ve been around people’s homes long enough to know that almost everybody has some of the same simple things they could fix in no time flat! Any of these ring a bell:

  • Light bulbs need changing
  • Door knob is loose
  • Door knob made a hole in the wall
  • Door needs a knob… :-)
  • Towel bar is MIA
  • Drawer front can best be described as “precarious”

You get the idea and we both know that once you do that little thing, it’s a whole lot more weight off your head than you would think! I put some glue on that broken chair leg just today, and I know I’m breathing easier! Wouldn’t want to damage the mother-in-law, now would I?

So, I’m really curious, what little thing do you need fixed? I bet you have some pretty entertaining little problems out there. I’d love to hear about them!

Thanks Nester for having me here again! Have fun with the garage sale!

{Tim and I seriously fixing my mistreatments, no, this is not staged, this fabric clearly needed drilling and hot gluing right that very minute, and we never look at what we are working on, we are so experienced we always just look around the room.} Be sure to stop by Remodeling Guy and check out his approachable ideas. He’s also got a facebook page where you can ask him questions! You can ask a real, live contractor questions for free! And he’ll answer them!

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