31 Days to A Better Dressed Nest :: Day 18~Don’t Be Hatin’

You know that thing in your house that you hate? You now have permission to get rid of it forever. Do not pass go, do not ask your mother in law, do not worry that your dead aunt will be mad if you get rid of it. If you hate it, it’s out of here. The end. You can thank me later.

This post was supposed to end here, but I already know what’s gonna happen:

**for the sofa haters**

Every time I write about this I get the same comments “I hate my sofa, what do you want me to do, take it to the trash and sit on the floor for the rest of my life?”. That’s one solution. I bet in a matter of weeks you’d have a replacement. But it’s probably not the wisest choice. I feel your pain. I hated a sofa for years. It wasn’t until I got serious about removing all the things in my house that I hated that I could make it happen–getting a replacement that is.

I understand if you have to keep a sofa {or whatever item it is that you despise but have to use every day} around a little longer until you have a replacement Ladies, can we have some ideas on how to learn to love the sofa that you have or how to get a new one for a thrifty price? I set a goal with a date of when our ripped up 10 year old orange leather sofa would be taken out of the house. I started saving up $$ and made a budget and met the goal.

And you know, between Craigslist, bartering and the Salvation Army {I’ve seen two nice sofas I would have in my own home in the past month for less than $200 each!} I bet it wouldn’t take long for you to find a replacement.

Have a sofa you want to get rid of? Feel free to link to it in the comments with your area–who knows, maybe someone here could use it!

What is it that you hate that’s clogging up your house?

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