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Lampapalooza Party!

It’s time for us to share our lighting adventures with each other! I’ve been looking forward to this day for a while. I’ll go first…

Remember the chandelier from the yard sale two weeks ago for $25?

I grabbed some brick red spray paint and when I got home I read the can and it said it was brown primer. Oh well. As long as it looks deep dark red, they can call it whatever color they want.

I found an inspiration page in the latest Pottery Barn catalog. Love the blues and the salmon mixed with white and wood. I’ll be trying to copy this feel in my office at the new house {moving in two weeks!}.

So, the top coat is done but I want to add in a little pinky salmony red to the base coat with a brush and some craft paint. But I’ll wait till it’s hanging in my new office to do that.

The chandelier is wired to a plug so I can even light it up and see how it looks.

Then I hung it on a hook to see how it was in the air. Love it.

Your turn. Mr. Linky is here thanks to Kristen. Link up to the exact post {click on the title of the post in your blog to get the permalink} on your blog. If your link is just to your blog and not the post, I’ll have to delete it. Don’t understand? Email someone who’s link is up there or look at their links and I know you’ll figure it out. Feel free to grab the Lampapalooza button, I’m not with it enough to make a code for it. And let your peeps know what you are doing by linking to this post here. I’m gonna pick a few of my favorite posts and award tassel prizes. No promises that I’m making them all from scratch though. I’m moving, remember? Can’t wait to see your lamps!

Need more party? Rhoda at Southern Hospitality is hosting a Burlap Party! She has burlap lampshades people! Talk about creative.

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