Using Lamps in Your Home :: A Must

I have 18 lamps in my house. Some women collect shoes and bags, I collect lamps and pillows. Correctly placed lamp light can transform the mood of a space, make you look younger, help accentuate the positive in a room and eliminate the negative and look pretty while doing all of that. Lamps are the workhorse of any room. I believe that every room can be improved by a lamp. Turn off that dreaded overhead light and plug in a lamp! You will love the warmth and coziness it will instantly produce.

How many lamps do you have in your house?


Do you subscribe to Nesting Place in a reader? If so I fear I’ve wrecked it all up. Some of you are getting the updates but I think some aren’t. And if you aren’t I’m writing this to you and you can’t read it anyway so it’s pointless. Help! Anyone a feedburner expert?

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  1. Okay I’ve been reading through the archives and I can’t help but comment. I love light…give me those Al Gore green lightbulbs with the perfectly white light any day. Lamps are not enough for me, the huge fluorescent blob on my kitchen ceiling makes me swoon. I can appreciate some mood lighting but I like to see what I am doing and eating. No overhead lighting makes me nervous. My sister’s old house up North (we’re southern gals) had few overhead lights, the light switches actually turned on the outlets in the room and it drove me crazy.

    Other than this, I adore your blog and love your style. Keep writing! I’ve already bought paint for my laminate counter tops and hung a tapestry that’s been bugging me for almost 2 years….and this is after discovering your blog last week, oh and I’m shopping the sales for cheap Christmas decorations keeping your garlands in mind.

  2. Hi, I just love your post and REALLY love your two matching ceramic white table lamps! Could you tell me where you bought them or their names? Would help a lot so I can try and track one down for myself! Thanks!

  3. Looks really great.


  1. […] Using Lamps in Your Home::A Must {oh how it pains me that the comments all disappeared from this post when the blog moved–it was so fun to read how many lamps you all had–I think a few of you had close to 40!} […]

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