Are you sick of seeing this after photo of my old house yet? I think I’ll never tire of it. And cut me a little slack, we’ve been renting for two years, I like to relive my glory days. Those glorious days of a little remodeling project.

Remember the before? The sensible 5 over 4 and a door with a skinny broken pediment ode to Williamsburg? No shame in this house. But from the moment I saw her I knew she had big potential. And like all true house lovers, I even named her. Belinda.

Remodeling Guy is having a Remodeling Round up tomorrow and I’ve already got a fun giveaway planned for tomorrow so I’m posting my project a day early. Early bird gets the worm right? Wish I liked worms.

This is the part where I bestow all of my useful knowledge on you. Well it’s not much. I knew there were a few things I had to have for this house. Here’s what I knew I wanted:

  • light colored painted brick
  • farmhouse style wooden doors
  • a covered porch.
  • wide shutters
  • pay cash for everything

Those were the hills I was willing to die on.

We lived in this house for three and a half years before we could even begin to start the outside. That gave me lots of time to drive around and take photos of all the houses I loved. I measured the opening for the front door and figured out that since we had sidelights, we would have room for the double doors I wanted.

For a girl like me, having the outside of our home made over was one of the most thrilling, rewarding, and fun things I had ever been a part of. Watching something go from average to beautiful is just about my favorite thing. Even if it’s not perfect, it can still be beautiful, right?

And for any of you out there on the verge of painting your brick, wondering if it’s allowed or legal or OK to do. Yes. It’s one of the best design decisions I’ve ever made. Do you have a project to share? It can be any home improvement project, large or small. Get ready because tomorrow is the big day over at Remodeling Guy’s Place!


painted brick color: bone china {old Martha Stewart color from Sherwin Williams}
shutter paint: restrained gold {Sherwin Williams}
doors: ordered from Canada–I wouldn’t recommend the company