Have you heard of Everything Etsy yet? It’s a one stop shop to pick up tips, be introduced to great etsy sellers, win coveted prizes, and find out all the latest on etsy–all in one easy to navigate place.

Did you know that you can track your etsy shop in google analytics? How useful is that? After reading a post on Everything Etsy about How to Photograph Your Work on Etsy I tried my hand at a little better photography. See I made my own little tassel portrait studio. Olan Mills be put to shame. Yes, that is a bag of flour holding up the entire circus back there.

I am ready for my close up.

This tassel is so all about herself–having to pose all provocatively like that. I had to remind her this was a family blog.

Kim and Nester at Hobby Lobby

Since I’m all about sharing my secrets–I want to make sure you know about Everything Etsy. I have found lots of useful information there and not just because it’s run by my sweet friend, Kim a fellow etsy seller and Hobby Lobby enthusiast.

Ultimately, we all dream of an inbox that looks like this. I think I might print that out and frame it to remind me of my glory day. That one day. And most of us can use all the help we can get. Everything Etsy is a great resource that gathers the best information on the net about etsy so you don’t have to go searching all over.

And here’s the part where I convince you to click over there and see for yourself. EE’s got the last handmade signature Nesting Place tassel available right now. And you can win it! Good luck! And my your etsy sales soar!