Bird Watching

Look what’s new at The Tiny Homestead. A painted PLYWOOD floor! I am in love with this project!

Ok, more painted floor inspiration at Grass Stains.

And I cannot stop thinking about a certain post from Money Saving Mom. She’s starting a series called 100 ways to save $100. They are all little things that don’t seem to matter all that much. But now I find myself thinking twice when I leave a light on in the bedroom or take an extra long hot bath. What if I reduced my consumption just a little? What if I could save $100 one hundred different ways in one year? That’s $10,000. What if I just did it half way? That’s $5000 or over $400 per month in savings. Shessh!

If you have enjoyed Meredith at Like Merchant Ships as much as I have, be sure to vote for her for the Scholastic Parent & Child Mommy Blogger Awards.

Still need more great stuff to read about? You are so demanding. The Nest Files are filled with brilliant ideas.

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