Your Garland is Showing

I couldn’t resist using the title that my friend in real life suggested–thanks MEME!

It’s time to share your garland with us! Whether you were inspired to make a big bad garland this year or you simple put Polly Pockets in a piece of greenery, here’s your chance to tell us all about it. I’m hoping to see some garlands that are fatter and more extravagant than mine.

If you haven’t gotten up the nerve yet to make a garland and you still want to here’s your chance to get some great ideas. If you made yours and it’s just not right my advice is to keep adding stuff to it. Fern pieces, starfish, feathers, berries, sticks if you don’t like them simply take them out but at least take a risk and push the garlandy limit a little.

Did your link disappear? IF you linked to your blog and not your GARLAND post I have to delete it. So sorry! Please relink to your actual post. People will be clicking these links for days and after you write a new post they won’t be able to find your garland and I will get hate email. Also if you wrote about your wonderful etsy shop or showed us your talents in other areas–I love you dearly but this linky is for garland posts. Thanks for playing fair!

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