Mistreatment Clubbers

I saw this on Nancy’s blog and am totally stealing it–thanks Nancy!

It’s time for our window mistreatment get together! I can’t wait to see how you have mistreated and it’s not too late to join in! New here? See the rules and find out what all the abusive language is about!

So grab yourself a cup of coffee and start clicking– and don’t forget to leave some juicy comments for these girls!

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  1. Oh, just the club I need to join. I’ve been procrastinating making curtains for my Master bedroom and came up with this lovely idea!! My husband still laughs each time he looks at them. Mistreatments is the perfect word to describe them.

    (note: they are 95″ curtains folded in half and hung on rings. sad, I know.)

  2. Nester, I took your advice and MIStreated away….

    hope you are proud of me! :)

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