Do you have the same bathroom that we have in our house? Beige walls. Beige floor. “Brown” “wood” {please don’t turn me into that blog all about unnesesary quotation marks we all know just how crucial they are in this description} cabs, white counter top. I wanted a way to liven it up on the cheap, using what I have so I shopped the house and recycled this brocade drapery panel that I used three years ago in our old house. I have 2 shower rods. One for the plastic shower curtain and one for this pocket panel. This panel doesn’t reach all the way to both edges so I just stretch it to one side in hopes of fooling the eye. Or eyes if you are not a designer and actually have two eyes.

Target even has towels to coordinate.

See, here’s how I used the panel in my old house. You remember the trick, right? Hang that rod high to make the room look bigger. The top of that window is right above where knots are on that ribbon holding up the fabric. And if anyone cares, the walls are tobacco road and I painted the cabs black. This is an example of what you can do to a builder beige blah bath when you own the house and can paint and wreck it all up to your heart’s content. Look, I even kept what I refer to as the Miss Piggy lights above the mirror but that fabric is so seductive that you hardly notice them.

Here’s another fun trick for all those extra mirrors you have sitting around. Since we have a run of the mill frame less mirror I thought it would add a little cute factor to layer a mirror on top. I tied a super fat ribbon to the things on the back and hung it all on an old finial. This is the boys/guest bath so it’s hung at a good height for them. You know for when they fix themselves up and all.

This room is tiny so here’s just about all there is to see in our current boy’s bathroom. Sure beats beige and the bold pattern hides all kinds of mud and dirt that they bring in. Bold Pattern: a great way to bring life to a boring beige rental!