My Baby

When I found out I was expecting my third child less than three months after giving birth to my second boy, I cried. For real. Not because I didn’t want any more children, I did. But, although my pregnancies are healthy I’m miserably nauseous and the memory of the previous one was entirely too fresh.

Now, this sweet child brings me such joy. He’s got my personality so we get along swell. And you know how we mom’s are about out baby. Especially when that baby is a boy. Poor thing.

And, I think he bears a certain resemblance to someone famous in my world.

2006 HGTV Design Star David Bromstad

Are you on to me yet? I left my camera downloading cord thing at my sister’s house last week. Hate me. Hi, Ima Dork. I’ve been making due without it but I cannot wait to show you the next installment of the tour, the most fantastic goodwill find EVER and I even have a small number of tassels and garlands to list. It’s in the mail, thanks to Emily.

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  1. I think your son is adorable just like David, and I can see a resemblance for SURE!! I’m not just saying that.


  1. […] I still think my youngest looks like the first Design Star winner David […]

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