Bargin Time

Tour de Rental 2008 has been interrupted for the 37th time for yet another special announcement. Remember my somewhat seatless porch I showed you last week? Remember how you all have been praying feverishly and wishing on your pennies for a porch swing? By the way, my parents called after that post and offered to buy me a swing! Thanks Mom and Dad! They didn’t have to. Mom and I found the mother load at Garden Ridge. In the clearance section. It’s not a swing but man is it ever georgeous!

Got this chair too. Oh look, a price tag…

Yeah. You know I didn’t use my hard earned tassel $$ for that. It was marked down to $40 and considered damaged merchandise. Then all damaged merchandise was an additional 75% off. $10 for this chair. $22 for the bench. Stop. The. World.

Here’s why–the pvc fake wicker is unraveled on one leg of each seat.

How does one fix an unraveled leg? You already know. It’s initials are HGG.

The old salvation army finds blends right in with the new stuff.

And on the back patio, $20 worth of twins. Mom had to buy these because they were so cheap but won’t have a place to put them for a month or so. No worries, they are safe and sound right here.

Good luck, hope you find them too!

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