Imperfectly Beautiful


Otherwise known as: It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. Words to live by doncha think? I get so inspired and secretly happy and feel so normal when I see other moms do things that look great but aren’t perfect.

Am I the only one who feels joy and confirmation when I see a photo on a pretty blog that shows a beautiful lived in family room complete with comfy seats, and creative wall hangings and toys and empty capri suns all over the floor?

I like it when someone does things their own way. Breaking the rules. And it turns out just fine.

Maybe you are a busy mom and you don’t have time to fill every frame. Can I just tell you how happy I was that some of you observant readers noticed this? For real. I’m not being sarcastic. I love y’all!

My life’s not perfect but it sure is beautiful.

Don’t you want to join in the fun? This Monday I’m planning an “Imperfectly Beautiful” post. With a Mr. Linky for YOU to share your imperfectly beautiful life with us. I need to see that your life isn’t as perfect as it seems. And I’m dying to see how beautiful it is.

As usual, there really aren’t really any rules to participating in this. Write a post or post a photo of something, anything that is imperfectly beautiful. Come here on Monday and link up and then we can all visit everyones imperfectly beautiful life. And maybe even get inspired.

This is a great time to use this button–go to the link on my right sidebar for installing it. I’ll have it at the top of my post on Monday. I know some of you don’t like blinkies so maybe if we ever do this again, I can have Darcy make a button that doesn’t blink.

So what do you think? Are you in? I already know what my photo is gonna be! Can’t wait!

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