Contest!!!…and Amanda?

Are contests cheesy? I don’t know. I can’t really tell if I like them or not. But, I’m gonna do it anyway. WIN THIS TASSEL!

I make tassels. Actually, I did make tassels. I started about 4 years ago because I couldn’t find the perfect gift for my sister’s Mother in Law. She’s a genuine southern lady with great taste who needs nothing and appreciates everything. She always gave us great gifts and I wanted to find something for her that was small, quirky, stylish and just plain ole adorable.

I stumbled upon a rooster tassel that I loved immediately. I bought it. It was cute but, the orange and purple fringe and ribbon just didn’t seem right for her. I decided to try to make one myself and, it turned out pretty good. All of the sudden, people were requesting them and I ended up selling them at craft fairs and even at a few local shops. Really just one but, it sounds better if I say ‘a few’.

I haven’t made a tassel in a year now. I have lots of left overs and I thought I’d share one here. This one is technically embellished by me, not handmade. It’s a miniature tassel and is about 3 and 1/2 inches tall and the rope is another 4 inches. It would be great in a child’s room but really, I like to put them everywhere. Except maybe the toilet and the hood of the car. Remember, this is an accent — it does not have to match (I hate that word by the way!) everything else in the room. Look how sweet it is on the back of that black chair with a red pillow! That apple green and blue really pop!

So, if you want this little darlin’ just leave me a comment and just like that you’ll be entered to win! I’ll have someone pull your name out of something much classier than the cliche’ hat. Maybe an urn. You have until Friday!

PS Amanda? I tried to email you back and my mail wouldn’t deliver “due to extended inactivity new mail is not currently being accepted for this mail box” Help! But, the first step I would do in the Dave Ramsey plan is get the book — Total Money Makeover!

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