Why not hang a door on your wall?

I used a bifold door when I sold my tassels at shows. I had to pay $40 for that thing at home depot. It was a last minute solution to display more tassels.

Now that I’m not selling at shows anymore and have this huge house of walls to fill, I decided to make due with what I had. A dirty, bifold door with holes all over it. So, I dragged it into the house, got out my 99 cent acrylic paints and went to town. I think I painted it with a paper towel because the only brush I had was from my blush. Bounty is my towel of choice. Then, I didn’t like the color so I went over it with extra paint from another room in our house. I didn’t worry about laying it on thick. I just wiped it on and let it be covered in some places and not as much in others. That allows the fake wood grain to really shine through.

After painting, as usual, I was too impatient to let the paint dry before I hung it on the wall. I grabbed some picture hangers off an old mirror I had laying around. Usually, they put 2 sets of them on mirrors, so you can hang it either way. So, I borrowed the spare pair. You can also buy a picture hanging kit from a hardware store. Hanging this door was really fun. By myself. I looked like the keystone cops — if there was only one cop. And he hung a door. And he lived in 2008. And he was a she. And she had cute heels on. Luckily, the sofa was there to help. I have also used this door over my mantle. Our family room is 2 story and if you stand the door upright if fills up lots of space and really has that “WOW” factor that we all strive for. I get lots of compliments on this crazy door.
One last thing. If you don’t have an extra door lying around I can tell you how to get one. Goodwill, yard sales and attics are a great place to start. I have recently figured out another way to get a door for free. First, drive over to a neighborhood where they are building new houses. Find a dumpster that they drop off to fill with trash. Most likely, you will see doors sticking out of one. Lots of times when they are installing these doors they get damaged and then thrown away. And, because these doors are fake wood, one side is usually salvageable. I cannot begin to tell you how many doors I have seen in dumpsters in my hood.

Pull up, get out of the car, {I almost forgot, it will work to your advantage if you dress cute with heels or look somewhat business like} confidently ask the fellas working if you can have that old broken door. Maybe, “Do ya’ll mind if I have that broken door that’s in the dumpster?”. They will probably even help you put it in your car. Drive home happy.