A Day in the Life

There is a new online homeschool magazine called Heart of the Matter that I’ve been looking at and they are hosting a day in the life of a homeschool family. You can do it too!

Me, I start out with too much of this.

And not enough of this.

Usually, an empty this.And, lots of this.

I’m loving that!
This is too good!
Sometimes we create.
And I love that we get to do this.
We appreciate things like this.
And play with this.
Add a dash of that.
And tons and tons of this (my personal favorite).
A little bit of this.
And a little bit of that.
But, I really want to win this! Because, as you can see, we like to do so many things during our day! You can sign up to win it too! Sorry, I don’t know how to link to the actual contest. Scroll down to January 9th. The winner will be chosen next Wednesday. Good Luck!

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