lego my bible

The Brick Testament. If you haven’t seen it you must go now, and I hope you have a few hours to spare because you’ll want to hang around awhile. Check out the plagues, the frogs were really freaky. After reading about Noah’s ark the boys and I couldn’t help getting out our legos and trying to make something. They got bored after 30 minutes and went to play the wii. Good. That’ll give me more space to finish the horrific flood scene that I’m trying to recreate. Wish me luck. Mom and Dad, if you don’t hear from us for awhile don’t worry, I’m probably looking for that last blue lego or selling all our belongings so I can bid on legos by the pound on ebay. I never knew the Old Testament could be this much fun.

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  1. Oh this looks hilarious. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I love it! I love it! Thank you so much for posting this, it made my weekend!

  3. I just found you via Centsational Girl & I’m glad I did! I am now reading your posts from the beginning. Had to comment on this because a friend just gave my 11 yr old Lego obsessed grandson the Brick Old Testament. He was glued to it all day so I haven’t gotten a good look at it yet, but I did chuckle at God resting in the hammock on the 7 th day : ) We have given him several versions of the Bible, but think he’ll actually read this one. I ‘m in awe of the creativity used to incorporate Legos into The Bible stories and can see my grandson trying to recreate some of the scenes with his own Legos, a great way to make these meaningful to him personally. My friend said the boys at the Christian school she helps at, stand in line to check this book out! Didn’t mean to write a letter! Look forward to reading more of your posts….

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