According to him he’s in his early teens. What? I mean, WHAAAAT? I can’t be old enough to have a child in the double digits!?!

In my mind I’m still in college. Sometimes when I am standing in line at Target and see the Bride’s magazine with a pretty gown on it I’ll think to myself…”That’s the kind of gown I want when I ….oh yeah, I am married.” Or I’ll see a Southern Living magazine with a darling kids room and think… “When I have kids I’m gonna…oh yeah, I do have kids.”

This past year he’s gotten really big, I can slip on his shoes to run to the mailbox and, don’t tell him but if I’m out of tee shirts to sleep in — his work just fine. He loves NASCAR and is a loyal friend. He makes us laugh and, like his aunt he finds humor in things that others overlook. He loves to fish with my dad, Poppy. He is very responsible, he’s had an ipod shuffle for a year now and has been so careful with it. He’s more and more like his Daddy everyday. Most of all he’s learning to love Jesus. He’s gonna be a good man.

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